In the video Monumoment, the act of turning off the lights on the front side of the building, returns the building of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb to its original state, an arhitectural mantle, a shell that confines space. This creates a sculpture, giving it the meaning of a monument. At the same time, it deprives the institution that resides in the building of its power, subtracting its inner light. Sixty-eight seconds of darkness, whose primary goal is to symbolically mark the jubilee, becomes duration, a moment, an undefined time frame, commemoration with a minute of silence. The silence, however, is interrupted by the usual sounds of the city, and the background noise dominated by the buzz of car engines does not allow the viewer full immersion into reflection. Space, time and meaning are merging in the point of singularity, creating Monumoment. The whole work resembles documenting an unusual shamanic ritual of cleansing, which allows the entity of the Faculty an induced state of necessary sleep, and also belongs to the daily practice of turning a device on and off in order to achieve desired functioning condition

Camera: Jasenko Rasol

Montage: Saša Podgorelec