Monument with Dreamcatcher

  • Dimensions: 185×160 cm
  • Technique:  Monument – wall paint on backside of canvas leaned on wall;  Dreamcatcher –  watercolor on raw unprimed linen faced to wall
  • Year: 2015


The piece titled “Monument with Dreamcatcher” was created by juxtaposing the existing piece, “Dreamcatcher” in a new context. One might think this takes away from the work’s originality, but it actually adds to it. The new piece was made in the following way: I started with the existing piece, placing it against the wall so that it’s facing the wall and the observer can only see the back of it. Then I painted over the back with white wall-paint, fusing the painting in relief with the wall. In this way I “hid” the painting from momentary view, purposefully hinting that something may be there, turned to the wall. The title of the piece, “Dreamcatcher”, suggests that, like dreams themselves, it contains something hidden, untouchable, yet so close, within reach. The access to the  nreachable has been painted white, or more precisely, a non-color devoid of spectrum. This seeming emptiness and lack, the white of absence, does not deprive the piece of meaning, let alone its symbolic meaning. “Monument with Dreamcatcher” shows how a simple visual alteration of an existing piece, that puts it in dialog with an artistic idea, can express unusual artistic consequences in which the literal and the symbolic are joined together; the visible and the invisible; the palpable and the elusive; and it’s shown that these dichotomies are usually at play as two sides of the same coin, depending on which side our physical or mental eye is focusing on.