At the right place at the right moment

  • Dimensions: 130cm diameter
  • Technique: burned carpet
  • Year: 2012


The process to develop this work is in the service of a ritual symbols that trigger the necessary expirience to create a personal emotional and mental images.
I create works that testify about the expirience of the moment when the borders of external influences on our being and the impact on our presence in a particular context delete.
The carpet was the right place and as we read the marks on its surface we do not know when the right moment has happend. Every clear coordinate of a moment and a place in this circular format is lost. He has no solid composition, and the question is does he have it at all after the oxidizing process, or it moved “elsewhere”?
There is a handful interpretation of the act of arson, and who or what was on the carpet does not leave us any trace except the process. Is it about the spontaneous combustion and again why? The process continues.
With its presentation it is not sure in which of the visual elements the work is building its identity. Graffito, modeling surface or color, in detachment or in absence of a author’s hand trace it drowns in a meditative monochrome surface. With this drift, as found and not made, the work reinforces the mystical note that tests our attitude through monochrome which does not suggests an evolution of style, but is itself an attitude.